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Institutional Profile 

Founded in 2002, the OTZ Engineering, is committed to work in partnership with their clients, seeking at all stages of work optimizing cost and delay of projects.
To achieve its objectives the OTZ Engineering prioritizes quality of their projects and continuous improvement of your team, salient features of the company that invests in the training and expertise of our professionals, enabling courses to graduate, masters, and MBA in various doutrorado branches of engineering and the area of project management.
The OTZ Engineering created the Quality System OTZ, developed especially for their core product, so as to avoid any deviation in quality in their services.

Crew Chart 

Our simplified chart lists major directors of the company, as well as common areas that report to the General Directorate.

Company Pillars

Our Mission 

"Act with agility and quality in the creation of integrated engineering solutions, seeking the satisfaction of clients and partners and promoting the completion of its employees and the technological development of society." 

Our Vision 

"Becoming one of the 20 largest companies in Engineering Consultancy and Project Brazil, operating in national and international markets, striving for customer satisfaction and listed among the most profitable and innovative companies in the industry." 

Our Values 

"Our relations are based on:. Commitment, Trust, Cooperation, Integrity and Quality"


An action that demonstrates our commitment to quality, is the adoption of Electronic Document Manager - SAPROD.
The system automatically manages the entire lifecycle of document-product from the beginning of its establishment and its issuance.
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